Masala Chai

During my third year of college I was lucky enough to spend a semester in India. The study abroad program didn’t allow students to drink alcohol and I filled this massive, gaping hole with chai. Served at every meal and sold at every train stop, chai was a more consistent part of my routine than malaria medicine (the test came back negative).… Read the rest

Pasta e Fagioli

It’s not officially summer yet, but DC doesn’t care. Over the weekend temperatures were in the 90s. For me this means sweating from every crevice. My upper lip is a Roman water canal. My lower back is an over-saturated sponge. I once took a phone call during my walk home from work and sweat actually dripped from my elbow-pit.… Read the rest

I Tried to Make Vegetarian Disco Fries

Disco fries are like my father: cheesy and found in New Jersey. A bastardized version of Poutine, these french fries are smothered in beef gravy and mozzarella cheese. The best disco fries are made at the Versailles Diner, a 24/7 restaurant in Fairfield. Depending on the time of day, you can find old people eating soup, hoodlums swearing too loudly in public, and me if I’m visiting home.… Read the rest

Peanut Butter Brownies

I don’t understand baking. You measure stuff, wait a long time, and then end up with a ton of food and not enough friends to eat it. This is exactly the experience I had while making this recipe. I nervously flailed around my kitchen stuffing my mouth with “chocolate morsels.” By the time the brownies were out of the oven I had a severe sugar headache and four thousand dishes to wash.… Read the rest