Check Out My New Podcast! Also, I Got A Dog.

Hello from New Jersey! 

So far, McGinley Square has been a cool place to live. The density of people I love in the surrounding area is at an all-time high, and I found a dope local sub shop. My apartment is really comfortable, especially now that the hot water is working, and we have a parking spot. New York City is only five miles away.

Besides my location, not much has changed. I work at the same place, I’m still focusing my writing efforts on novels, and I watch way too much television. *However* there are two notable updates I wanted to share:

  1. I started a podcast called Under the Bleachers with Isa, this extremely cool woman who I met in Vermont.

Isa mentioned the idea of a teen content podcast months ago but I was like, that will never happen! She kept bringing it up until I was forced to give it a try. Charlie, another friend from VT, offered to be our producer. Now we have sweet cover art, a catchy theme song, and two episodes which can be listened to on your fave podcast app, or right here:

On the pod we primarily discuss teen movies, but also our own experiences as teens, relevant pop culture news, and whatever else comes up. My boss once said that she hates podcasts where it’s “just people talking.” Those are my favorite kind of podcasts, and exactly what ours is.

If you’ve ever read my blog and found yourself enjoying its vibe, less so the information about cooking, there’s a good chance you will like Under the Bleachers. Isa and I are buds in real life and we want our listeners to feel like they’re our buds too! I really hope you check us out. (And if you’re a stickler about sound quality wait until episode 3 – we upgraded our mics!).

Now to the dog…

Jake is a 80-pound pit bull terrier mix with droopy jowls and a huge ribcage.

Most of the day, Jake likes resting. His favorite spot is on the couch, but he’s also started hanging out on the nice dog beds I purchased him which we keep near our desks.

After walks is when Jake gets a little crazy. He rubs his face into the couch and wiggles around on his back. He occasionally runs back and forth over the length of our apartment, which I’m sure my downstairs neighbors love.

He’s an extremely sweet pet and we’re lucky to have him. Oddly enough, he’s also a huge fan of my podcast Under the Bleachers! He listens weekly, follows us on Twitter, and engages with us over email at

Thank you for reading 🙂


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