My Cookbook is Here!

vegetarian cookbook

The title says it all: my vegetarian cookbook is ready for download. There are 29 vegetarian or vegan recipes in there, many taken straight from the blog, some brand new, all worth a read. Click here for a free PDF.

I’m excited to have a neat little packet of the best of my blog. I hope someone finds it useful because I spent most of my summer working on it. Also Canva is a really cool design tool which I recommend for all your vegetarian cookbook design needs!

The release of this cookbook comes with a life update. As you may know, I recently moved to Burlington with my boyfriend Walter. Even more recently I began a new job, started writing for a new website, and had an article published in Vermont’s Seven Days newspaper. This means for the first time in my like I am writing for 100% of my wages! Truly wild.

I love this blog, it has been with me for the three most transformative years of my life. But I’m not just a food writer and I’m ready to focus my attention elsewhere, maybe even commit to a big project. This means that moving forward my posts to No Meat, Some Potatoes will be very infrequent. Not that they were abundant in the past, but, you know, I tried my best.

If you want to keep reading my work, please do! I will update this page with stuff I write and will continue tweeting like a maniac. In my wildest dreams the projects I’m working on now will eventually be seen by the public. Maybe they won’t and I’ll come back to exclusively writing about vegan cooking, we will have to see.

Thank you for reading! I truly, truly appreciate you. Keep eating delicious foods and please vote November 6.






    1. Thank you, Alice! I’m so glad that you like it. It was great to see you and I’m already looking forward to Thanksgiving at the Lotto’s.

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