Four Zero Waste Swaps

With all the hubbub around environmentalism and ban the straw and this seahorse holding a q-tip, it can be overwhelming to get started. If you want to make a change, try a zero waste swap. Below are four swaps I’ve made and stuck with.

You’re right! These changes won’t immediately end global warming, but, along with composting and changing my grocery shopping habits, they have helped cut down my impact by 80%. That statistic is made up. Still, small changes like these keep waste out of the landfill and spread positive earth vibes. Plus my garbage can doesn’t smell as bad.

Zero Waste Swap for To-Go Containers

zero waste swap

Look at this beauty! Gifted to me by my fave DC peeps, this stainless steel container has brought home pasta, pizza, and discretely scooped all-you-can-eat Indian buffet. I try my best to bring it with me when I go to restaurants because if I don’t I will force down my entire plate regardless of how stuffed I am.

zero waste swap

Beautiful containers are not strictly necessary. The plastic Tupperware in your cupboard will do just fine. Yes, plastic! This stuff will last basically forever so you may as well use it and avoid the to-go container that you will try to reuse but then find that the lid never fits right again.

Zero Waste Swap for Plastic Straws

zero waste swap

Plastic straws: the true devil. Well, not actually, but if you have the option of using an alternative, why not? I use these stainless steel straws at home constantly because they help me drink more water. When I’m at restaurants and bars I ask for no straw and just go without.

Gin + pineapple juice + water = nasty

Eco at Heart was kind enough to send me some of their straws (woohoo!). Since I already had long straws I tried out their 5.3 inch ones that were perfect for our stumpier glassware, ideal for fancy cocktails. Thanks Eco at Heart!

Zero Waste Swap for Plastic Utensils

zero waste swap

These bamboo utensils are with me everywhere. Before you go out and buy a set…don’t, because they suck. The fork isn’t sharp enough and can’t properly pierce anything. The knife won’t hurt you or your lettuce. The spoon…well the spoon is fine. Instead of shelling out on hippie sticks, create a set of to-go utensils from the ones you already own. Especially if you use plastic utensils everyday at work, bring a set and leave them at your work place. Soon you’ll be the eco chick/dude/person who always has a fork with them. Nice.

Zero Waste Swap for To-Go Cups

zero waste swapThis cup not only cuts down on waste, but it has changed my life. The canteen comes with a coffee lid but I splurged for one with a straw hole. Now I can drink water lying down! I no longer spill entire glasses in bed. Plus, it’s insulated so my drinks stay hot and cold way longer than they would in any disposable cup. Of course, a fancy and overpriced contraption like this is not necessary, any mug or mason jar you have will do.

What’s your favorite zero-waste swap? Let me know in the comments below or by a DM on my Insta or skywriting above my home.

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