I’m Leaving DC and Moving to Vermont

After three years in Washington, D.C. and seven years in the DMV I’m heading back North. On June 30th Walter and I will make the 9 hour drive to Burlington where Walt will be attending UVM and I will be…hanging out, I guess? until I find a job.

Vermont train
Maybe I can work as a conductor

Even though I’m desperately excited to become a Flatlander, I’m equally sad to leave D.C. So much has happened since I moved here, including making this incredibly popular and lucrative blog. D.C. is a wonderful and underrated city full of my wonderful and accurately-rated friends, and I will think of it often.

A brief list of stuff I will miss:

  • The walk from Columbia Heights to downtown
  • Jumbo slice
  • Living in a house full of people, most of whom I met on Craigslist, to steal food from and share food with
  • Two hour Amtrak rides to Philly
  • Dragon, the cat
  • Recognizing and then ignoring someone I knew in college
  • Endless options for Ethiopian food
  • Bruce Monroe Community Garden and their compost pile
  • The 70 bus route (and no others)
  • Reston, Richmond, Williamsburg, and a few other nice parts of Virginia
  • Tons of free museums and events to consider attending before just staying home
  • All my dang friends

Since my blog is rarely personal I’m taking this excuse to post a bunch of photos.

handsome couple
The people who take me food shopping whenever they visit
Creepy cute boy
N + N
Sharing deep thoughts and innovative ideas
Walt dressed as a Sheet Monster for Halloween
Enjoying the Tiki Lifestyle in Virginia Beach
Perfect angel
Stainless steel straw baby
My mom and a puppy corgi

Life is happening!! Stay tuned for maple-based recipes and other Vermont-y posts.

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