Vitamix: The Blender That Changed My Life

How great would a blender have to be for you to spend $600 on it? It would probably have to do your taxes, am I right?!


The Vitamix can’t do your taxes, but it can blend stuff really, really, really well. It’s so high-power that I shield myself as I turn the dial up to 10. Obviously I’m not about to spend $600 on anything, so when my food processor broke and my Nutri Ninja wasn’t cutting it, I headed to Ebay and Craigslist. Eventually, I found a Georgetown yoga enthusiast who was willing to let her fancy blender go for $175!

But what can you make with it?

Almond milk stored in a kombucha bottle

One of the first things I made with the Vitamix was almond milk. After soaking the almonds over night, I blended them with fresh water for a minute or so. Ideally this liquid should be filtered through a nut bag or cloth. but I used a cotton bulk bag….it worked fine. Once it’s been properly strained you’re left with all-natural almond milk. You also are left with almond solids (in the Tupperware above), which can be added to smoothies.

smothie bowl
Too dang green

Like this one! The Ninja worked alright when making smoothie bowls but you had to add extra liquid, leading to a thin and runny consistency. I need my bowls to be thick enough to support all the pomegranate seeds, cocoa nibs, hemp seeds, and coconut flakes that I desire.

smoothie bowl

By far the best thing I’ve been making with my Vitamix is peanut butter. My food processor took ages to grind up the nuts, along with a lot of manhandling and frustration on my part. And then it went and broke! With the Vitamix it only takes a few minutes plus a couple gentle pushes with the stopper to get creamy, package-free peanut butter.

homemade peanut butter

The Vitamix was my biggest purchase of 2017 and I can say with confidence that I have no buyer’s remorse. Just look at that creaminess!!! If you’re interested, check out Ebay and Craigslist first. It will save you a lot of money, plus shopping second-hand is a nice thing to do for the environment, like bringing your sick friend soup or telling someone when they have lipstick on their teeth.

peanut butter
Good God

Stay tuned for more adventures with my Vitamix, and perhaps another trendy kitchen appliance…


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