Smoothie Bowl Made With a Nutri Ninja

There is nothing like a refreshing fruit smoothie on a hot summer day. As you frolic through the city, perhaps heading to a park or the zoo, you comfortably hold your smoothie in one hand. Sipping the liquid conveniently through a straw, you navigate the streets with ease, even stopping to pet a dog or take a picture of some particularly beautiful graffiti.

But wait! Wouldn’t you rather eat that same smoothie with a spoon out of a bowl? You can’t carry it on-the-go, true, and it would be weird for you to eat the quickly melting fruit slush outside. BUT!! in exchange for the mobility that a traditional smoothie offers, serving a smoothie in a bowl means you can add extra ingredients on top. Fruit, granola, and seeds turn your smoothie into a Real Meal and leave you satisfied for at least two hours. Right? Maybe an hour and a half.

I was a bit worried about how to take pictures of something frozen, and let me tell you, there was good reason for that: things melt. Also, I wasn’t sold on the idea of a smoothie-meal because it’s entirely sweet and I am a savory lady. Despite my salty inclinations, the smoothie bowl was very satisfying and I could feel the health benefits melting into my mouth. Afterwards I felt much more comfortable than if I had eaten, say, Fettuccine Alfredo.


  • Frozen bananas
  • Frozen strawberries
  • Almond milk
  • Chia seeds
  • Peanut butter
  • Honey
  • Hemp seeds
  • Granola
  • Fresh strawberries
  • Fresh bananas


Gather the ingredients that will make up the smoothie. The strawberries I purchased in bulk from Giant. The bananas I purchased fresh and froze in a big ziploc bag.

This picture is like my career goals: not focused

For the liquid you can use whatever you have on hand. My favorite non-dairy milk is Trader Joe’s soy milk, so creamy! But I typically have some Almond Breeze hangin’ around. You can also use yogurt, orange juice, or water if you are boring.


Chia seeds! We all know that they’re are healthy, but do we know why? Omegas right? Whatever those things are. I don’t care to eat chia seeds on their own or make them into weird pudding, so the only way they enter my fortress is via a smoothie.


You may remember my Nutri Ninja from when I tried to make hummus in it. The Ninja works best the more liquid is used. I wanted to keep the smoothie as thick as possible, so I added little bits of milk until the blades would budge.

Cooking Rice-A-Roni that I found in my house. Expiration dates are for pansies.

Blast that baby.


After giving the smoothie a taste I decided to add some peanut butter and honey. Normally I don’t sweeten smoothies, but today is a special day. You can also add sweetness with agave, dates, or maple syrup.

Exhibit W of My Grocery Store Sucks

For the toppings I sliced up some fresh strawberries. FRESH. MOLDY. STRAWBERRIES. I had to throw out about half the container, and I swear, I bought it just a few days ago.


Slice up the edible fruit into bite sized bits.


Pour the smoothie into a bowl and decorate it with your toppings.


There are so many options, but I kept it healthy with fruit, granola, and hemp seeds. Next time I will definitely use the chocolate chips leftover from when I made brownies way back when.




Melted, stirred, smoothie bowl. This is reality people.

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