I Tried to Make Hummus in a Nutri Ninja

Are you hip and/or cool? If so, you’ve heard of hummus. Most accurately described by the Facebook group, “Hummus is Yummus”, this chickpea-based dip is the hottest accessory of 2016. If chutney and fondue are mesh tops and acid wash jeans, hummus is whatever North West is wearing.

Not only is hummus trendy as hell, it has encouraged me to eat a variety of vegetables and and other healthy snacks. I bring it to work  and mindlessly chomp on carrots at my desk. When the anonymous devil drops off a dozen Krispy Kremes in the kitchen, I can proudly say, “Nay, I have hummus!” (Not really, Krispy Kremes are like immigrants entering Canada, they can’t be refused.)

I’ve been a Sabra girl all my life, but I think it’s time too take this tahini into my own hands. Not just into my hands, but into the trusted blades of my Nutri Ninja. If you’re wondering what Nutri Ninjas are, they’re just like Magic Bullets but advertised to people with a gym membership. From my experience with the Ninja I would say it’s better suited for liquid-based recipes as opposed to legume-based recipes, but let’s see what happens.

Basic hummus ingredients:
  • Chickpeas
  • Tahini
  • Olive oil
  • Garlic
  • Lemon juice
Extra special hummus ingredients:
  • Cumin
  • Red pepper flakes
  • Paprika
  • Roasted pine nuts

To get started I chopped up a small clove of garlic and tossed it into the Ninja. Then I added the juice from one lemon. My grocery store didn’t have any single lemons so I was forced against my will to buy ten of them.

hummus recipe
Squad goals

I opened up the tahini expecting a cohesive creamy paste, but inside the can was an inch of oil floating over a mysterious near-solid. I should have realized this would be the case, as my parents only bought natural nut butters growing up. Whenever it was time to start a new jar of peanut butter, my mother, sister and I would look to my father with awe and respect, knowing that he would be the one to stir that mess into a proper spread. Only the patriarch could be trusted with such a task.

It’s 2016 and I can mix seeds and oil as well as any man.

hummus recipe

Uh, be careful. It’s pretty easy to slosh the liquid all over yourself and the counter.

Once the stuff was vaguely mixed I added a few tablespoons to the Ninja. Next went in a drained can of chickpeas along with cumin, red pepper flakes, salt and pepper.

hummus recipe
So many chickpeas in such a small place, a dudepea’s fantasy

I tried to blend it up at this state, but there wasn’t a great deal of movement happening. The Ninja can only take so much. I added olive oil and water until the blades were able to work their magic. After three minutes of blending/pissing off my roommates, the hummus reached a smooth consistency. I garnished my bowl with roasted pine nuts, paprika and olive oil.

Sabra’s hippy little sister who’s into tumblr and DIY

The Nutri Ninja is certainly convenient, but the consistency it creates is just a bit too thin for my preference. As with many things these days, thickness is a desirable trait in hummus. I definitely recommend using a food-processor which will be better able to power through those beans without added liquid. I’m going to play with the proportions, but this basic hummus would work best in wraps and on sandwiches.

hummus recipe
Not pictured: Grilled cheese sandwich, french fries, beer



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