Claymore Confidential

My novel, Claymore Confidential, is officially available for purchase online.

If you like thrillers, academic settings, stories involving murder, Gossip Girl, the ’90s, fast-paced reads, or Andrew Lloyd Weber, Claymore Confidential is the book for you! Here is a blurb:

“Heiress Betsy Wheeler is desperate to maintain her good-girl image while rebellious Tessa Klein hopes to get by doing as little work as possible.… Read the rest

A Purim Play Script

Purim begins February 25. It’s time to prepare your hamentashen, decorate your masks, and plan your (virtual) Purim parties! While circumstances may keep us apart, they shouldn’t stop you from celebrating the story of Esther (if that’s something you’re into.)

When I set to work searching the internet for a free Purim play script, I found that most were for children or way too complicated.… Read the rest

All The Things I Will Miss About Vermont

This blog is essentially defunct, so my many readers might not be aware that for the past two years I’ve lived in Burlington, Vermont. It was never our intention to stay here forever and in a week Walt and I are moving on to bigger and better (my parents’ house). While the Green Mountain State is not destined to be my home, there are a few things here I really love.… Read the rest

Vegan Spinach Dip

vegan spinach dip

I’ve made spinach dip before, but this time I’m making it vegan.

Full disclosure, I went into this recipe thinking I was baking a delicious quiche for dinner. Instead, what came out of the oven was a creamy, cheesy vegan spinach dip. By chance I had both tortilla chips and tasty bread in the house so all was not lost.… Read the rest