Peanut Butter Brownies

I don’t understand baking. You measure stuff, wait a long time, and then end up with a ton of food and not enough friends to eat it. This is exactly the experience I had while making these brownies. I nervously flailed around my kitchen stuffing my mouth with “chocolate morsels.” By the time the brownies were out of the oven I had a severe sugar headache and four thousand dishes to wash.… Read the rest

Black Bean, Pepper, and Corn Enchiladas

Enchiladas make me question why burritos exist. Burritos are just too-big enchiladas lacking sauce and cheese, and yet we flock to Chipotle like it’s giving away free guacamole. Burritos do offer greater mobility, but how often have you seen someone eating a burrito while rushing to their next appointment? I can only imagine that would result in a stained shirt and a troubled digestive-system.… Read the rest