Vegetarian Chili

“How ’bout some chili son?”

“But Pops, I had chili for lunch. And for dinner yesterday! And for lunch yesterday! And for dinner the day before that!”

“Look at you, complaining about too much chili. Kids complaining about too much food, ha! If only you’d seen what I’ve seen, you would be lapping this here chili up with no complaints.”

“But Pops, there is only so much chili one person can eat.… Read the rest

Wassail Punch

The temperature will be in the 80s this week, but guess what, I’m wearing a scarf! I will not let any bit of fall pass me by unappreciated, so I planned an entire day of autumnal celebration. This involved donning plaid and travelling all the way to stinky Maryland to pick pumpkins, take a hayride, go down a slide, pet some goats, and wait in lines.… Read the rest

Vegetarian Taquitos

Taquitos: possibly the most authentic American food out there. Borrowed from a different culture, deep fried, and sold frozen in bulk at chain grocery stores, these delicious little tacos represent what I love most about our great nation. Were taquitos like these eaten thousands of years ago? I doubt it, but with enough community effort we can pretend these faux-Mexican treats represent the inclusive nature of the melting pot that is the United States of America.… Read the rest