Vegetarian Taquitos

Taquitos: possibly the most authentic American food out there. Borrowed from a different culture, deep fried, and sold frozen in bulk at chain grocery stores, these delicious little tacos represent what I love most about our great nation. Were taquitos like these eaten thousands of years ago? I doubt it, but with enough community effort we can pretend these faux-Mexican treats represent the inclusive nature of the melting pot that is the United States of America.… Read the rest

Lazy Berry Tart

The filo dough leftover from when I made Spanakopita has been burning a hole in my freezer. This, along with my desire to cook something with fruit, lead to the lazy berry tart. Although I’m not a dessert person I acknowledge that many humans sometimes eat things that don’t involve cheese.… Read the rest

Spicy Roasted Vegetable Pasta

During my recent visit to Philadelphia and West Caldwell I ate the following foods: penne vodka, cheese pizza, spinach pizza, mushroom pizza from Sbarro’s, bagels, disco fries, and cheese enchiladas from Jose Tejas, a restaurant known for their endless free chips and Grand Canyon sized soda cups. Upon my grateful return to DC I figured it was time to eat something healthy.… Read the rest