Hoisin Tofu Tacos

Tacos, tacos, tacos. Are you happy SEO?

This post is extra-self-promotional because it’s based off a request from my (sole) Patreon supporter. This lovely anonymous person donated to my page and unlocked the reward of picking a recipe for me to make. Their reward also includes me feeding them that recipe, but they didn’t seem interested.… Read the rest

Vegetarian Sushi

Wasabi is the best thing ever. The burn that runs up your nose, the tingle that continues up into your eyes, the tears that form against your will, flowing down your cheeks in the fit of emotion that comes only from tasting the most delicious flavor in the world. I want to eat wasabi every day, but the only thing that deserves to be anointed by its special spice is sushi.… Read the rest

Peach Noodle Kugel

After a long day dog-walking in the cold and rain, the only thing I want to do when I get home is eat a large hot bowl of anything. Also never move again. Noodle Kugel is basically pasta mixed with a bunch of dairy and also sugar. It’s a traditional Jewish dish which my Presbyterian-raised mother made a few times when I was younger and which I’ve been stuffing into my face upon returning home for the past week.… Read the rest

Mushroom Soup

With recent events in mind, I was THIS CLOSE to cooking up a big ol’ batch of mac and cheese and drowning myself in it. Realizing this would leave me feeling pretty gross, and therefore unhelpful to myself and humanity in general, I decided against the vat of cheese. I needed something both comforting and fortifying.… Read the rest

Veggie Burger Battle: Hilary’s vs. Hilary’s

Wow, what an election season! Everything is going smoothly and just as expected. I know none of you are concerned about your human rights or the rights of those you love. We should be so proud of our nation and the world-wide standard we set for democracy.

Enjoying the carefree atmosphere, I decided to splurge on two types of super healthy organic veggie burgers, both from Hilary’s.… Read the rest