11012805_10155914744535215_2014970660289309133_nHey all! I’m Jane. I grew up in New Jersey, had a long stint in the DC area, and recently moved to Burlington, Vermont. I keep up this blog because it’s fun and productive, and makes me feel like less of a blob.

I’ve done a bit of freelance writing in the past. Check out my work on ReductressThrillist, McSweeney’s, Runt of the Web, The Cooper Review, and the Higgs Weldon, my acne-inspired tweets (I’m mostly off twitter these days because it’s depressing, or email me at jane.garfinkel@gmail.com. I’ve been trying to up my Instagram game as well, so follow me there @nomeatsomepotatoes. If you are secretly a Prince and want to support me financially, donate at my Patreon.