11012805_10155914744535215_2014970660289309133_nHello! I’m Jane Garfinkel, current resident of a small room in Pleasant Plains, Washington, DC. Despite the lack of space, I enjoy cooking. I’m hoping to challenge myself by trying new recipes and creating some of my own. I don’t usually eat meat, but I do eat large amounts of everything else. I’m original from Northern New Jersey and you can say whatever you need to about that.

My other interests include coveting dogs, reading, and, as demonstrated by the picture, enjoying two kinds of beer and water.

Check out my often NSFW writings on Reductress,¬†Thrillist, McSweeney’s, Runt of the Web, and the Higgs Weldon, my acne-inspired¬†tweets, or email me at jane.garfinkel@gmail.com. If you are secretly a Prince and want to support me financially, donate at my Patreon.