I’m Leaving DC and Moving to Vermont

After three years in Washington, D.C. and seven years in the DMV I’m heading back North. On June 30th Walter and I will make the 9 hour drive to Burlington where Walt will be attending UVM and I will be…hanging out, I guess? until I find a job.

Maybe I can work as a conductor

Even though I’m desperately excited to become a Flatlander, I’m equally sad to leave D.C.… Read the rest

Composting: A Hobby for Cool People

Composting is a long-held Garfinkel tradition, and for good reason. It reduces the amount of trash that goes to landfills, allows materials to break-down in a way that doesn’t release bad stuff into the air (or something), and produces nutrient-rich soil perfect for gardening.

My father hangs with our pile in New Jersey

Clearly I don’t know the scientific ins and outs of composting.… Read the rest

Spicy Vegetable and Egg Scramble

Heat Da Spot is my favorite local breakfast spot. A five minute walk from my house, this tiny restaurant is known for its homey atmosphere and slow service. While they have a typical cafe menu, their “Ethiopian-style breakfast” is particularly inspiring. Spicy scrambled eggs, sauteed vegetables, scooped up with bread. Not exactly vegan, but if you’re looking for a change to your breakfast routine and an excuse to eat with your hands, this is the meal for you.… Read the rest

I Made Kidney Beans From Scratch and They Were Just Okay

It’s been awhile since my last post. This is in part because I haven’t felt inspired by vegan food, which I’m eating about 85% of the time (the other 15% is human flesh.) But I’ve also been very busy writing, job hunting, and vacillating between enjoying and worrying about life. And yesterday I watched the entire first season of Younger, starring Hilary Duff.Read the rest